Top 10 Life Apps 🤳🏼

Today, I want to share my top 10 favorite life apps. I’ve found the following apps to be very beneficial, easy, and fun to use every day.

1. Amazon Music – If you love music and free shipping, join Amazon Prime Music. The only music streaming service with free 2-day shipping. Join today for a 30-day Free Trial!

2. Duolingo – Learn a language for free. Forever. I love using Duolingo to learn and stay fresh with my favorite languages. As someone who loves learning new languages this is the best learning tool out there.

3. Openfit – Love to workout? Don’t want to leave your house? Want a personal trainer? Tired of the ridiculous gym fees? Join Openfit today for a 14-day free trial. Live and on-demand classes available 24/7. My favorite are the Xtend Barre and Pilates.

4. SleepWatch – As a sleep tracker, SleepWatch lets you wear your Apple Watch to bed and wake up to insightful sleep details. SleepWatch is like a sleep coach on your wrist, it learns your routine and offers suggestions to help you improve. I love being able to track my sleep patterns, heart rate, and learn how to improve my quality of sleep.

5. Shipt – I love ordering my groceries from Shipt! Same-Day delivery from Target is the best perk of all. Use my link and get $10 off membership when you sign up!

6. Postmates – Don’t want to cook or go out to a restaurant? Order with Postmates! Get $100 in delivery fee credit when you sign up with code 2ZZMHK or just tap this link!

7. Mint – From budgets and bills to free credit score and more, you’ll discover the effortless way to stay on top of it all. It’s your financial life, in one place that’s easy to understand. It’s free and easy to get started.

8. Robinhood – I love using Robinhood to manage my stock portfolio. Simple and straightforward. Use my link and you can claim a stock like Apple, Ford, or Facebook.

9. Rakuten – Have you signed up with Rakuten yet? It’s the best site for earning Cash Back. Get a $30 bonus when you sign up with my invite link and spend $30. It’s free!

10. Fetch – Turn your grocery receipts into gift cards with Fetch Rewards. It’s super easy. Just click the link, or use code “XCJPY”, and you’ll get $2 in points when you snap your first receipt.


2 thoughts on “Top 10 Life Apps 🤳🏼

  1. Wow these are crazy COOL. I checked most of them out and I love Fetch. I haven’t come across a similar app before. So😁✌

    I’ve saved this one up! Thankss. ❤

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