A Few of My Favorite Things: Magic Kingdom Edition 🏰

Today we conclude our tour of a few of my favorite things about each of the Walt Disney World Parks. In grand fashion, we conclude with the most magical park of them all, Magic Kingdom! This was my home park when I first became a Cast Member and will always hold a very special place in my heart.


  • Space Mountain (Space gives me all the joy. This has been one of my favorite rides since I was a child. The thrill of the pitch black surrounding while zooming through “space” is like none other.)
  • Splash Mountain (This will bring out the child in all of us. I’ve got this ride memorized like the back of my hand. This is very much my “Laughing Place”. Plus, if you time it right, the peak has one of the most beautiful views of the fireworks.)
  • Seven Dwarves Mine Train (The queue itself is enough to make you fall in love with this ride. It’s a quick ride, but it’s worth the wait. There’s not much I can say about why I love this ride, except if you’re ever lucky enough to snag a FastPass+ do it!) 

Character Meet n Greet:

  • Marie (She has been my childhood favorite since as long as I can remember. Aristocats was one of the movies I would play on repeat over and over as a child. Her sassiness truly endears me to her cute little self.)
  • Winnie the Pooh and Tigger (I mean who doesn’t want to spend time with a couple of everyone’s favorite Hundred Acre Wood friends? Getting a hug from Pooh is one of the highlights of my life.)
  • Peter Pan (He was one of the first character’s I ever met and that first meeting is forever engrained in my memory. He’s mischievous, he goes where he wants, he loves to play, and he speaks fluent dolphin. You can usually find him causing trouble throughout Fantasyland.)
low quality pic, high quality hang


  • Caramel Popcorn from Big Top Souvenirs (Big Top was my first location as a Cast Member and I will forever be a Cirkie. I may be biased, but this is the best popcorn you will ever taste. When I’m in the parks I always get at least one bag. Trust me, this is not your typical caramel popcorn.) 
  • Dole Whip from Aloha Isle (Nothing really needs to be said about this. It’s magical. It’s Disney. It’s like Summer in a cup. You can’t go to Disney and not try Dole Whip.)
  • Lefou’s Brew from Gaston’s Tavern (Yummy, yummy, yummy. This is not the healthiest drink but goodness it’s yummy. Plus it comes with the option of two very cool souvenir cups. Grab your stein or goblet and enjoy your brew in while sitting in Gaston’s chair by the fireplace.)
  • Frozen Mint Julep Lemonade from Casey’s Corner (I’m from the south and Mint Julep’s are a staple. This lemonade slush is perfect. Grab a cup and enjoy the refreshing coolness and flavor in the hot Florida heat.)


  • Pecos Bill Tale Tale Inn & Cafe (This place is always packed during lunch and dinner, and for good reason. Order your entree and you can add your own toppings at the bar. I also love that they have Odwalla lemonade. If you’re lucky you can grab food and a seat to watch the parade at 3:00pm.)
  • Crystal Palace (In my opinion, this is one of the best character dining experiences on property. Hang out with your favorite pals from the Hundred Acre Woods to help celebrate Friendship Day. Grab your favorite pals and spend time with your favorite furry pals.)


  • Mickey’s Philharmagic Concert (This 4-D film attraction is so fun! Plus it’s a nice break from the temperamental Florida weather.)
  • Happily Ever After (I was 100% mad at Happily Ever After when it was first debuted. However, once I stopped pouting and gave it a chance I fell in love. The soundtrack is incredible and Jordan Fisher slays it.) 

Hidden Gem: 

  • A Kiss Goodnight (Stay until park close and you can witness a short and beautiful farewell to end your magical day.)
  • People Mover (I love going on the People Mover because it gives you a ”behind the scenes” tour of Tomorrowland. If you’re lucky, you can catch a glimpse of Space Mountain with the lights on.)

Oldie Goldie I Miss:

  • Mickey’s Toontown (I may have called the replacement of Toontown home for a while since Storybook Circus replaced it in 2012, but I will always miss it. Toontown was the epitome of what I always thought Disney World would be like as a child.) 
  • Wishes (Let’s not talk about this much or I’ll get emotional. I pretty sure I’m still mourning Wishes and always will. The Wishes soundtrack is often on play. If you missed out on Wishes or are still in mourning like myself, you can watch it on YouTube.)

I hope you enjoyed the past four weeks with me as I shared a few of my favorite things about the four Walt Disney World parks. Join me next week as I continue sharing a few of my favorite things in and around the property.

I’d love to hear what your Magic Kingdom favorites are. Are some of the things on this list also a favorite of yours? Did I miss something important to you? Drop a comment below and let me know your thoughts!

Until next time, here’s to spreading a little pixie dust, stay safe, and I’ll “See You Real Soon”! 


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