My Disney Park Bag: 2021 Edition 🎒

We’re back with an updated Disney Park Bag list! To me, there are few things more fun than packing for Disney and getting everything ready to go. A trip to Disney can be overwhelming and there are a few things can help you beat the heat and stress. Below is what I put in my park bag if I’m going on a longer day when I take my backpack.

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Backpack – I typically carry a crossbody if I’m just going for a quick trip into the parks, but if I’m planning to spend more than a couple hours I will bring a small backpack. The small Vera Bradley backpacks are AMAZING! The size is perfect and I love all the pockets – there is space to hold your water bottle which is very important!

Wallet  – I like to bring a card holder to put my cards in. This takes up much less space and provides a bit of organization. I always bring my ID, Disney Visa, gift cards, and Disney rewards card. I never go anywhere without my ID because you never know when you’ll need it. When I go to the parks on a trip I love to put any additional money I plan to spend on gift cards because this way I put myself on a budget and there’s less chance of my buying random things I don’t really need (this is a big issue for me when it comes to Disney haha). I also always bring my rewards card to use any reward dollars I have earned. I also bring a debit/credit card just in case of an emergency. 

Portable Phone Charger – Let’s be honest, Disney drains your battery like none other. I always bring a portable charger and phone cord with me so I can charge my phone whenever needed while still being on the go. There are charging stations throughout the parks and resorts, but it is so much nicer having the freedom to move. This particular charger is both usb and solar powered so you can recharge it two ways. It’s about the size of your phone, but totally worth it.

Phone Spa – This phone sanitizer is a germophobe’s dream! I’m a bit of a germ freak so when I found out about these devices I just had to have it. This device is portable so you can take it with you on the go. It only takes minutes to sanitize whatever you put inside. This is great for phones, airpods, smart watches, keys, cards, masks, anything that will fit inside.

Sunglasses – This seems like a “duh” item since it is Central Florida, haha. My favorite sunglasses are from Quay Australia.

Sunscreen – This is another one of those “duh” items, but we can’t forget the SPF! Don’t forget to take care of your skin, even in the Winter the Florida sun is harsh so always put that SPF on! 

Stay Fresh – I can’t go anywhere without something for my lips and some lotion. I love Sol de Janeiro products because they smell like paradise and work amazing. I also don’t go anywhere without my Tarte Juicy Lips. This product works like a lip balm and a lipstick. You get a hint of color while not overdrying your lips, which is important in the heat. I also always keep eye drops and deoderant on hand. There is nothing more miserable than a contact popping out or rubbing your eyes all day. With the heat and long days, it can be nice to refresh and feel a little more put together with deoderant.

Water Bottle – Hydration is another one of my must-haves. Hydro Flask bottles are my all-time favorite for the parks becaus they are slim enough to fit in your backpack and keep your water nice and cool without sweating. I love bringing a reusable bottle with me to the parks because it is easy to refill throughout the day, and you always have a reason to stay hydrated. Again, the Florida heat is no joke so it is incredibly important to drink water. I also bring along a packet of Liquid IV to give me a little boost. Liquid IV is the equivalent of 3 bottles of water, plus it tastes amazing.  

Trading Pins – I have loved pin trading ever since my first Disney trip as a kid. I love the adventure it brings. I always bring a couple just in case I find a pin I want to trade for.

Meds – Always bring any medication you need in case of an emergency. It’s always great to pack some Tylenol or nausea medicine in case of headaches or motion sickness. You don’t want your magical day at Disney ruined by a pesky headache or nausea, trust me.

Snacks – I always keep a protein bar in my bag. You never know when you’ll need a little energy boost or hangry-saver while waiting in a long line or don’t feel like stopping for food.

Scrunchies -You can usually find me with a scrunchie either on my wrist or in my hair. You never know when you’ll need to throw your hair up while in the parks.

Raincoat – I never go anywhere without a raincoat or umbrella, especially in Florida. When I’m at the parks I usually bring a rain jacket I can just toss into my bag just in case. My favorite rain jacket for the parks are Pretty Little Monograms Pack n Go Rain Jackets.

Handheld Fan – Last year, I became a portable fan girl. With the addition of masks the heat can get a bit stifling at times. Having a fan to pull out whenever you need a quick cool down is helpful. I found this amazing little fan on Amazon and it amazed me with how powerful it is. Plus, it is USB rechargageable so you don’t have to worry about batteries.

Masks – Sadly, masks recently returned to Disney in a limited capacity so make sure you have masks on hand. I would suggest to pack a couple extra in your bag to switch out throughout the day, The heat is crazy and the chances of rain are undeniable. Having backups are great because you can switch to a fresh, clean mask when your current one gets too hot or wet. Another tip I have found helpful is getting mask chains. Since masks are not required at all times it can be pesky to keep up with you mask, so a mask chain keeps it more accessible than digging through your bag for it every time.

Hand Sanitizer – You can’t forget to sanitize! There are hand sanitizer and hand washing stations everywhere, but having your own can be helpful. 

I hope this list helps you with your future trips to the parks. If there is anything I may have missed or you find helpful that I didn’t cover let me know.

What are some of your must-haves when you go to the parks?


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