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Gift Guide – Monogram Lover

Over the course of this week, I am going to be sharing some Gift Guides to help with inspiration during this holiday season. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already seen hundreds of people sharing the exact same type of guides but with their name attached to it. My hope for these is to maybe… Continue reading Gift Guide – Monogram Lover


2020 Fall Fun List 🍁

Fall is here, and I am over the moon with excitement! I don’t know about you, but this is the first year in a while where it has actually felt like Fall on a pretty consistent(ish) basis. This is my absolute favorite season (tied very closely with Christmas). The weather makes me happy. Pumpkins abound… Continue reading 2020 Fall Fun List 🍁


What I Put In My Disney Park Bag: 2020 Edition 🎒

I am so excited for today’s blog! I love sharing Disney tips that I have found helpful and useful. Today, I was to share what I pack in my park bag. With all of the new safety protocols in the parks, there are some additional items that I normally wouldn’t add. Let’s get started! 💖… Continue reading What I Put In My Disney Park Bag: 2020 Edition 🎒