The Hiding Place

Have you ever felt unseen? 

Have you ever wondered if you’re invisible to everyone else? 

Have you ever felt like you were hiding in plain sight? 

David was anointed king of Israel at a very young age. Yet, after he was anointed he didn’t ascend the throne… he went back out to tending sheep. He didn’t live a glamorous life in the spotlight. He spent his days in the fields caring and protecting stupid sheep. He then had a moment of popularity when he defeated Goliath. Yet, he still wasn’t king. He became known to the king he was meant to replace and befriended his son. Years went by and still no throne for David. Now, he is fleeing for his life from the current king. The future king anointed by God is on the run in the desert hiding in caves. *see 1 Samuel 22-24 for a backstory on these events*

Not exactly what you would envision as the life of a future king. We tend to think once we are anointed and discover our calling life just falls into place. 

That’s not exactly how it works. Granted, for some that may be the case. But for others, there are years of going back to the mundane, fleeing for your life, and hiding from those intending to harm you. 

You might think, “okay but God has told you what you’re supposed to do so just go do it”. Well, that might not be the way He is intending it to happen. 

Maybe you’ve got to figure out how to do the lowest status positions before you’re given the glory of a kingdom. 

Maybe you’re hiding away in the present so you can take control and lead in the future. 

Maybe you’ve got to remain hidden until the proper time in order to stay alive. If you go out guns blazing right now, you might get killed before you’re able to fulfill your purpose. 

Your feeling of hiddenness is saving you. 

Protecting you. 

Growing you. 

Maturing you. 

You’re not being hidden out of neglect, rather protection. God’s hand is still on you, but instead of pushing you forward, it’s covering you. 

Maybe it logically seems as if the opportunity to burst out of hiding is approaching, but make sure it’s not your flesh trying to rush the process. You might have the opportunity to slay the enemy who is chasing you, but maybe it’s just a test to see how much you trust God’s timing and faithfulness. 

Learn to appreciate the hiding place. 

Learn while you’re in the hiding place. 

Grow from every opportunity you’re given in the hiding place.  

One day, you will be crowned and the culmination of all the years will be fulfilled. But take the time to figure out the purpose of the current season. The hiding place is not a wasted place. Each season has a purpose, so don’t waste it. It’s tough to wait and sit by when you’ve heard from God, but don’t start acting of your own accord. 

Trust the process. 

Trust the One who called you.

Summer Bucket List

We are in the heat of Summer (literally lol), and I realized I hadn’t shared a Summer Bucket List yet! So, here you go 🙂 I have also added the blank template below for you to make your own list. 

What are some of your Summer musts? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Happy Summer 🌞

Feel free to use this template to create your own Summer Bucket List

Disney Outfit Ideas

After last week’s big announcements regarding the full reopening of Walt Disney World, the eminent return of the Dining Plan PLUS all of the exciting new things coming to the parks this year for the 50th Anniversary, the eagerness to start planning trips is upon us. Every aspect of planning a Disney trip excites me, but I particularly love planning outfits. Personally, I plan my outfits around a variety of factors: specific day, park, event, or theme. You don’t really have to worry about the weather because you can always plan on it being HOT and rain at some point during the day. *PRO TIP: always always always bring a raincoat, umbrella, or poncho – it’s not a matter of if it’ll rain, but when 😉

Below are a few quick outfit ideas for travel days, all four parks, resort days, etc. 

Whether your Disney style is comfy & efficient with graphic tees & biker shorts, or fun & flowy with a fun dress & hint of Disney, or a broad mix of both, I hope you found some inspiration for your next magical adventure!

Have a magical day! ✨

15 Historic Places You Need to Visit in South Carolina

I am a major history buff and love to visit historic places. Some of the most beautiful and interesting historic locations are in South Carolina (obviously I have a little bias haha). Below is a list 15 places that are a must visit in South Carolina if you love history, or just want to learn more about our country’s past.

Downtown Charleston – One of my forever favorite historic places. There is so much to see just by walking around the Downtown area.

The Citadel – If you’re into military history, you have to stop by and see the stunning buildings around the campus.

Boone Hall – This stunning home has beautiful grounds. Plus, if you come around at the right time you might be able to catch one of their popular events!

Drayton Hall – If you’re into old homes and grounds, this is another can’t miss stop.

Middleton Place – This property dates back to the revolutionary war and is another can’t miss stop.

Fort Sumter – Here you can visit the site of the first battle of the American Civil War. This fort was built on an artificial island during the War of 1812 to protect the coast from a sea invasion.

Fort Moultrie – This fort was first constructed during the Revolutionary War out of palmetto logs, which inspire the flag and nickname of the Palmetto State.

Atalaya Castle – The remains of this gorgeous castle are hidden within Huntington Beach State Park.

Winyah Bay Episcopal Church – A stunning church in the heart of Georgetown. Each Spring they host a historic tour of homes and property across the area.

Downtown Georgetown – This waterfront district is full of stunning history and beautiful sites.

Hampton Plantation – This landmark is one of the most intriguing architectural historic homes.

Historic Camden – Here you can visit a Revolutionary War site and battlefield linked to General Cornwallis.

Historic Brattonsville – A 778-acre Revolutionary War living history site where you take tours and be immersed in the lives of those living in the War.

Kings Mountain Military Park – The battle of Kings Mountain was the first major American victory after the British invasion of Charleston. Thomas Jefferson called it “The turn of the tide of success.”

Beaufort National Cemetery – A somber but historically important site, this cemetery holds a world of historical significance, and is an important stop for history and Civil War enthusiasts.

I hope through this list you have found some new places to visit and get some inspiration for upcoming adventures.

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The 8 Best Beaches in South Carolina

Summer is officially here and the sunshine and salt air are calling! This week I want to share a list of what I consider to be the 8 best beaches in South Carolina. You can click on each location to learn more about the area.

Sullivan’s Island

Isle of Palms

Pawley’s Island

Edisto Island

Kiawah Island

Mitchelville Beach Park

Folly Beach

Coligny Beach

I hope this list helps you find some inspiration for future road trips, day trips, family vacations, and more. Have a great Summer, friends!

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