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Start Losing Count

In Matthew 18:21–22 we find one of the most powerful lessons Jesus ever taught. This lesson was on forgiveness. He gave it because Peter approached Him and asked, “Lord, how often should I forgive someone who sins against me? Seven times?” We give Peter a bad rap, but you have to admit he is one… Continue reading Start Losing Count

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Let It Go

“Conceal. Don’t feel. Don’t let them know.” – Elsa from the ever popular Frozen In honor of everyone’s favorite ice queen returning to the big screen this weekend, let’s talk about vulnerability. If you’re anything like me, you were completely and totally obsessed with Frozen when it first released. Plus, as a former Disney Cast Member,… Continue reading Let It Go

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Selfless Love

Love.  A Christian’s primary response to God is love. There are numerous ways for us to respond to God; devotion, respect, reverence, honor, service, obedience, praise, thanksgiving, and oh so many more. Only one response is the source of all other responses; love. Everything flows forth from love. Every single thing we do is a… Continue reading Selfless Love

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Actively Hold On To Your Promise

Until now, this area of my life has been one of extreme privacy. Sharing this always makes me feel like the most cliche Christian Girl there is. But that is not the intention of my actions or saying the following. I, in no way, am sharing this in order to make myself sound incredibly holy.… Continue reading Actively Hold On To Your Promise

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Singleness As A Gift

Hello, beautiful people. Let me introduce myself.  I am a 24 year old, single lady. GASP Better yet: I am a 24 year old, single, Christian lady with a heart for ministry. MAJOR GASP Are y’all still with me? Did I lose any of you yet due to the shocking revelations about myself? Yes. I… Continue reading Singleness As A Gift