Look to Christ

“Think about what Christ did for you.  You hated him, and he died for you. 
I know you’re hurt. But you ask how can you serve someone who has hurt you? 
Look to Christ. 
Look to the One who poured out His very own blood for you.”

Christ did not call us to love those who only love or treat us well. He called us to love everyone. Unconditionally. Without question. Without expectations of reciprocation. To love as He loves. 

We are to be the Imago Dei (Image of God) which means our lives and actions must mimic His. Christ loved those who mistreated Him. He performed the ultimate act of selfless and unconditional love when He gave up His life on the cross. There was no pretense in that moment. 

He died for you knowing that you may never love Him in return.

You may feel hurt, lonely, or betrayed, but know that the One who created you knows exactly how you feel. He beared the ultimate betrayal and hurt humanly possible. When you feel alone – He is there. When you have been betrayed – Turn to Him. When there is hurt in your life – Know He is there to comfort you. 

Christ did not hold a grudge against those who did Him wrong. He turned around and did the unthinkable. He loved them. He served them. He forgave them. 

We, in turn, must follow His example. Love those who do not love us. Serve those who do not serve us. We must forgive those who wrong us. We must continue on this path of becoming more like Him, no matter how difficult it may be.


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