Others Above Self

“We are not called to be concerned with whether or not we are being taken advantage of.”

If we are honest with ourselves this statement hits each and every single one of us in the gut. In all reality, we are selfish creatures who are primarily concerned with our own well-being and what will benefit us.

How often do we live our life with the mindset of looking out for our own best interests? 

What will be the best option for me? 

How will this help me? 

What does this have to do with me?

By nature, humans are selfish creatures. We rarely think about others and how our actions will affect them, whether negatively or positively. How would our culture, society, relationships, and even our outlook on life change if we truly lived with an outward mindset instead of an inward mindset?

Too often we worry about how people will, or are, taking advantage of us in ways that we do not deserve. Who ever said we deserved to be treated in any certain way? Who determined what we lead ourselves to believe we deserve? We sinful, finite creatures are not entitled to anything. We did not deserve for God to send His only Son down to earth to die for us, so what would make us think we deserve anything else? 

If we live on this earth long enough we will be taken advantage of. That’s a part of life. It’s going to happen. If the only perfect human to ever walk this earth was mistreated and taken advantage of in the most gruesome of ways, there is no way we could ever escape mistreatment or expect to be treated in any better way.

We are called to resemble the image of Christ with every breath and action. In order to become all God has called us to be in this life, we should not shy away from instances in which we may be humbled. Putting others above ourselves allows us to become more like Christ. If He could die a blameless death on a cross for each of us, we can most certainly handle the much deserved actions made against us.

There are so many more important things in life we should be concerning ourselves with. We are called to love others and fulfill the Great Commission. Thinking of others above ourselves goes against our very nature, yet is important to becoming more like Christ. He cared for us more than He cared for Himself.  

 “This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12, ESV

As you go about this next week, I would challenge you to take inventory of your thoughts. How many are selfish and how many are others-focused? My bet is you would quickly lose count of one over the other. 


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