You Keep Me In Perfect Peace

Peace is not exactly a word you hear often at the moment. When you think about everything that is happening to us as a global community, peace isn’t typically the first word that comes to mind. A more common word may be chaos, panic, fear, uncertainty, or insanity. But peace? That’s a tougher one to swallow when the world seems to have turned completely upside down.

In spite of what I’m being told to feel I don’t feel overwhelmed with any of those emotions other than peace.

The world is spiraling and we’re living moment to moment because circumstances and guidelines are constantly changing.

Yet, here I am just watching the world spin by with an abundance of peace.

Yes, I’m annoyed because I’ve had a lot of plans canceled and it has been a month since I have aimlessly strolled the aisles of Target, sat in a booth and stuffed chips and salsa in my mouth at my favorite Mexican restaurant, or been able to walk inside the walls of my church to worship with my church family.

However, in spite everything I haven’t been able to do, I have continued to connect with those I love through technology.

How beautiful is it that as a world we have been made to physically distance ourselves from one another, yet we are more connected than ever? Between FaceTime, Zoom Meetings, Google Hangouts, and the plethora of social media platforms we have available, we continue to be connected.

This digital way of connecting isn’t something new to me. Having moved a lot in recent years, I have friends scattered all across time zones. So for me, a typical “girls night out” or heart-to-heart with my best friends happen via video calls and messaging. We may be 4, 6, 10, 15, 30 hours away from one another, but we haven’t lost our connection.

As ridiculously bizarre everything in the world seems right now, I can’t help but smile at God.

What other time in the history of the world would all of humanity be able to completely distance themselves from each other, yet continue to be constantly connected with people outside of their homes and around the world? This bizarre virus and everyone’s new favorite buzzword entered our lives at a, dare I say perfect, time in regards to connectivity.

We’re physically disconnected, yet we are still virtually and spiritually connected.

I can’t walk inside the walls of my church, but I can sit within my home and pull up the livestream.

I can’t physically spend time with my people, but you better believe our group chats and video calls are happening daily/weekly.

I can’t go roam the aisles of Target, but I can shop online and support small businesses.

I can’t go to my favorite restaurants, but I can order delivery or dust off my cookbooks and get creative.

I can’t hop on a plane to visit my friends, but I can enjoy the extra time I have with my family.

I can’t go the movies every week, but I can finally read the books piled up on my shelf that I’ve been putting aside.

I am able to find peace in this chaos because I know Who holds my life and no matter what comes at me I will be held safe and secure by the One who controls it all.

I may be having major withdrawals from Target and Mexican food but I am loving watching how families, communities, and the world are coming together in the midst of separation.

One of my favorite songs released earlier this year was truly a God-moment because He was already preparing us for the days to come. If you find yourself racked with fear, panic, or uncertainty pull this song out and let it wash over and settle your heart, soul, and mind.


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