The Anchor of My Soul

“We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain.”
Hebrews 6:19, ESV 

an·chor /ˈaNGkər/
a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom, typically one having a metal shank with a ring at one end for the rope and a pair of curved and/or barbed flukes at the other (per New Oxford American Dictionary).

An anchor doesn’t work until it hits rock bottom. When the anchor is still attached to the vessel it is not fulfilling it’s created purpose. It isn’t until it has been released and is no longer visible that it fulfills its purpose.

When in use, an anchor is not in the same place as the boat. Rather, it is working on behalf of the boat in a different place. An anchor cannot be seen from above the water once it has hit bottom. Despite not being able to see it working, we have faith and know it is working by effects we see above water. 

Christ does the same for us. We can’t see or touch Him, but we know He is working on our behalf. Our faith holds us steady despite what our eyes can or cannot see. 

Let Christ be the anchor of your soul as you go about your day, week, month, and life as you go through storms when you cannot feel, hear or see Him. You may not feel His touch, hear His voice, or see Him at work, but you can still know He is at work on your behalf. 

When you hit rock bottom, that is when your Anchor is working the hardest. 

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