Simon Peter Series: Part One

Peter’s Mother-In-Law Healed

And he arose and left the synagogue and entered Simon’s house. Now Simon’s mother-in-law was ill with a high fever, and they appealed to him on her behalf. And he stood over her and rebuked the fever, and it left her, and immediately she rose and began to serve them.                                          Luke 4: 38-39, ESV

These two verses can so easily get lost in our reading of the Bible. I love how short and to the point this encounter is. We get no back story, no further information, no explicit details. We simply get a brief description of what happens. 

Simon Peter is one of my favorite disciples. He is so devoted to Jesus and unafraid of taking action. He made mistakes but he never let it stop him. I envision him taking on the role of Jesus’ bodyguard or the muscle behind the operation. Now, you and I both know Jesus didn’t truly need a bodyguard, but I feel like Peter assumed that position anyways. He wasn’t afraid of a fight. He wasn’t afraid of standing up to authority in the wrong. He had failures, but he didn’t let it stop him. 

One of my favorite things about Peter is that he was married. He was the only married disciple. Before he was called by Jesus he had a family, a career, and responsibility in the world. Yet, despite of everything he had he gave it up to follow Christ. I’ve always wished there was more information about Peter and his family. I’d love to read what his wife thought about all that was happening and changing in her husband. 

I’m sure she was proud of him. 

I’m sure she supported him. 

I’m sure she was even busier than before at home keeping things running while he was away with Jesus. 

I’m sure she worried about him while he was away. 

I’m sure when her mother fell sick she was even more stressed. 

I’m sure she didn’t want to take advantage of her husband’s relationship with Jesus to come visit with her mother. 

I’m sure she was one of the strongest women to ever live. 

She married a fisherman and probably had an idea of the life they would lead together. She didn’t marry a man following a controversial prophet who traveled all over the country. Regardless of her plans, she knew what her husband was capable of and how dedicated he was to those he loved. She couldn’t have imagined the way her and her husband’s life would change the world for eternity. She was a behind-the-scenes lady, but I bet we will one day find out how big of a role she played. 

Jesus not only called Peter, but He also called his wife. They were married, so they were one. Jesus couldn’t call one and not the other. Peter was out on the road with Jesus, but his wife was at home making sure their life was continuing to run smoothly. She had as much of a part in his ministry with Jesus because if she was not taking care of everything back home and supporting him, it would failed. I believe this is why Jesus chose to answer their request to visit Peter’s mother-in-law. Jesus knew if Peter was worried about things back home, he would be even more eager for a fight than normal. He had to have his house taken care of before he could go out and take care of everyone else. 

If you have not watched The Chosen yet, I would highly recommend it. Through these episodes we get to see more of the relationship between Peter and his family. We see peter’s wife’s interactions with Jesus. It truly is a beautiful depiction. After watching the first season, you feel as if you understand Peter a lot better. You can check out their Facebook page here, or download the app to watch the first season here. 

Location of Simon Peter’s mother-in-law’s house

One thought on “Simon Peter Series: Part One

  1. Neat. I never really thought about Peters wife like that, nor have I watched the tv series. Thanks for sharing!


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