Top 15 TV Show Recommendations

Below are my top 15 tv show recommendations. As I mentioned last week I have a wide variety of taste, and this week’s list reflects that. You can typically find me rewatching a series I’ve already watched. I saw the below quote last week that totally summed up my watching habits. 

Below are my top 15 tv show recommendations:

  • West Wing (7 seasons)
  • Friends (10 seasons) 
  • Parks and Rec (7 seasons) 
  • Covert Affairs (5 seasons)
  • Seal Team (3 seasons & counting) 
  • Bull (4 seasons & counting) 
  • NCIS (17 seasons & counting)
  • NCIS: LA (11 seasons & counting) 
  • Hart of Dixie (4 seasons) 
  • One Tree Hill (9 seasons)
  • The Mandalorian (1 season & counting) 
  • When Calls the Heart (7 seasons & counting) 
  • When Hope Calls (1 season & counting)
  • Downton Abbey (6 seasons) 
  • I Love Lucy (6 seasons) 

Have you seen any of these shows? 

What are your favorite episodes? 

Are you a binge watcher or do you pace yourself?  

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