Life’s A Mess

 “Anybody can tell you youʼre pretty in yoga pants and a messy bun. You need the rarer kind; the kind who sticks through the messy of your soul.”

I came across this quote which immediately took me back to something a dear person once told me. This person was always so uplifting and encouraging to me, so one day I just asked, “can I never look bad to you?”. The answer shocked me in the moment. I have kept the words in my heart and pondered them over the last few years.

“We all have our worst days. We have our good days. For the days that are bad, I will be there to lift you up. Looking bad is only a temporary thing for you. You are beautifully and wonderfully made in The Lord. If you believe you look good, then you do. Have faith in me and trust me when I say that in my eyes, you will never look bad.” 

Those words were not just intended to be all about outward appearance, but also about the heart. The more I thought about what was said, I was constantly reminded of God. This is how He sees us. This is how He feels about His children. That statement may have been made out of human love, yet there was an essence of God’s everlasting love coursing through. 

People are messy

I’m a mess 

You’re a mess

We’re all a mess

Life’s a mess 

This world is a mess

Sin is messy 

Yet, in the midst of all the mess, there is a God who loves us and will stick with us no matter how messy we get. People will come and go in life, God will always be constant. Finding someone who will stick by your side through the messy of your appearance is good, but you need to find someone who will stick by your side through the absolute mess of everyday life. Our mess is bad, but our mess can bring about something good. 

Can God really bring good out of bad? Absolutely

How about the Crucifixion? The death of His Son was bad. They tortured Him, they spit on Him, they beat Him, and then they crucified Him. Did God bring any good out of that? The salvation of the world! 

God specializes in bringing good out of bad. However, this promise is not for everyone. “We know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God” (Romans 8:28). This promise is set apart for those who are willing to pick up the pieces of a broken life, put them all into His hands, and say: 

Closing Prayer: God, I love you, and I believe you can use the mess of my life for something good. Please take the pieces of my life and put them back together. I trust you with every piece of my broken life.  

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