Gift Guide – Monogram Lover

Over the course of this week, I am going to be sharing some Gift Guides to help with inspiration during this holiday season. If you’re like me, you’ve probably already seen hundreds of people sharing the exact same type of guides but with their name attached to it. My hope for these is to maybe be a different strain of products and shops than what you would typically find – maybe more unique gift ideas you would typically forget about in the moment or for those people on your list who are a little trickier to buy for.

Today, I want to start with one very near and dear to my heart, MONOGRAMS! If you know me at all you know I will slap a monogram on anything and everything. My life motto: If it’s not moving, monogram it! (HAHA – I’m kidding, but not really.) Monograms give a personal touch to everyday items. Monograms can be dressed up or dressed down. Below are my top 5 favorite monogram shops. The majority of what I own with a monogram is from one of these places. They make quality items with reasonable prices. 

Marley Lilly

A local South Carolina business that I adore! If I could buy everything they have, I would! They continue to amaze me with the items they release. They have a wide variety of selections and AMAZING deals. They have great turnaround time on production and shipping which is a major plus.  

United Monograms

Another South Carolina business that I have loved for years. They have such fun, unique items that are so creative and fun to wear/display. They have a wide variety of themes, seasons, occupations, quotes, and styles to choose from. They also have incredible deals all throughout the year which makes shopping even more fun!

I Love Jewelry

I discovered this business while I was in college and instantly fell in love. Their items have incredible quality. My two favorite things from them are the monthly monogram box and the pajamas. As a self-proclaimed monogram fanatic, a monthly box of monogrammed items arriving on my doorstep is a dream come true. Each month is a mystery and I have been in love with every single item I’ve ever gotten. The biggest plus to this box is the amount of quality pieces you get for what you actually pay. Second, I have never been more in love with a pair of pajamas than the ones I have gotten from them. They are buttery soft, cozy and warm, yet lightweight and cool enough to wear all year long.


If you are looking for true, southern, classic items look no further! This lovely shop has the most beautiful and stunning items to monogram. She has something for the whole family, and if you have a special occasion coming up she is the one to turn to. 

Pretty Little Monograms

The queen of monogrammed rain jackets! I discovered PLM while I lived in Orlando and was immediately hooked. She makes Disney and non-Disney monogrammed items, but is particularly known for her rain jackets. I have several styles of rain jackets, but my absolute favorite is the Pack-n-Go. She releases various designs throughout the year and has set production times, so it is important to be vigilant in checking her social media and website to ensure you get what you want. She has various other designs aside from rain jackets and I have loved every single thing I’ve ever gotten from her! 

A handful of my favorite items from each of these shops!

Be sure to check them out on Instagram!


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