Spring Bucket List


I don’t know about you but the Spring season simply makes my soul happy. The sunshine, flowers, and rain showers speak to my soul like nothing else. My soul is revived after the long Winter days and eager to explore the rest of the year to come. 

Below is a Spring Bucket List that I have made to include both fun and practical activities and tasks to accomplish in the coming months. I will also add the template below for you to make your own list. 

What are some “must-do’s” in Spring for you? Is there something in particular that really gets you in the mood for the warmer weather? 

For me, it is switching out my dark and bulky Fall/Winter clothes for my bright and lightweight Spring/Summer clothes. We don’t get consistent warmer weather until after March, but it is still fun to see the warm weather clothes in my closet. 

Feel free to use this template to create your own Spring Bucket List

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