10 Things from Amazon You Need for Your Next Disney Trip

Planning for a trip to Disney can be extremely overwhelming. One thing I’ve found over the years to be a big help is to be as prepared as possible, especially when you’re traveling in a group. Plus, Florida heat is no joke, so unless you want to end up with heat exhaustion and a miserable time there a few things you can bring with you to help you have the most magical trip ever. Check out the 10 things I think you need to get from Amazon for your next Disney trip.

*some links and products may contain an affiliate link: click here to read my affiliate disclosure.

Rechargeable handheld fans are a must.
Don’t let the heat mess with your comfort anymore than it already does.
Cooling Towels are great to have on hand.
Polarized Sunglasses – I like to use these in the parks so I don’t lose or break my nicer ones.
Liquid IV is an actual lifesaver when you’re spending days in the hot sun. With multiple flavors & benefits, there is something to fit all your hydration needs.
Reusable Water Bottles are a must to keep hydrated.
Reusable straws are a game changer now that paper straws are a staple all across property.
Snap memories of the whole crew with this mini tripod that fits within the Disney guidelines.
Portable Apple Watch Charger – Don’t miss out on closing all those rings multiple times throughout the day with this handy cordless charger.
Don’t miss out on capturing the magic because your devices are dead – portable chargers keep all the things charged all day long to keep you going strong.

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