Top 3 Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Do you feel overwhelmed just thinking about planning your vacation? 

Have you ever thought about using a travel agent?

Ever wondered what the benefits of using a vacation planner?

Today, I’m sharing the top 3 benefits of using a travel agent for all your travel needs! 

Using a Travel Agent is 100% FREE of Charge to You!

That’s right! There is no additional cost to use a travel agent when planning your vacation. Most of us automatically assume there is a charge whenever someone is providing us a service. But today is your lucky day because my services are 100% complimentary to you. So how do I get paid? A commission is paid out to me from the supplier on trips booked. 

A Travel Agent Can Save You Money!

You will pay the same and in many cases lower rates than you would if you book directly with a supplier. While there are no extra discounts for booking with a travel agent, the advantage lies in the fact that as a travel agent I have my fingers on the pulse of all things travel-related, particularly Disney, Universal, and Sandals & Beaches destinations. 

Please keep in mind, some promotions are specifically for residents of specific states, seniors, military, passholders, etc – or a change fee may be required to add the savings. If a promotion or discount applies to you, you will be notified before any changes are made. If you made your reservation yourself a year in advance and never heard about the discount, that’s hundreds of dollars down the drain you could have saved. Your travel agent can make sure you never miss a discount! That’s more money you can spend on souvenirs and yummy treats. 

Take Away the Stress So Sit Back and Relax!

Planning a vacation shouldn’t be stressful. But we all know it can get a little overwhelming at times. As your vacation planner, take the stress out of planning any vacation. I get to know you, work with your requests and questions, and have a vested interest in making sure you have the magical vacation of your dreams. I make the process fun and easy! I offer knowledgeable, enthusiastic service & apply it to your particular circumstances, preferences, and needs. 

I am here to answer all questions, give detailed advice, problem solve, prioritize celebrations, and more! In addition to letting your travel agent do a lot of the work, it’s nice to simply have the single point of contact to bounce ideas and questions off of. Rather than calling in to guest services and waiting on hold for hours, you have one person who knows you, your vacation, your needs, and can make all those calls for you! I know Disney, Universal, and Sandals & Beaches inside and out.  As a travel agent, I’m tested on it every year to ensure I stay up to date on everything needed to ensure you have the best vacation. 

So the real question is:  Why not use me as your travel agent?

If you’re interested in booking, or just exploring your options, let’s chat!



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