Why Use Me As Your Travel Agent?

Why me?

Why consider booking your family’s vacation through a travel agent, like myself?

I take the stress out of planning any destination vacation.  Vacation planning can be complicated, time-consuming, & overwhelming for many people, which is why there’s serious value in booking through me.  I take away the stress.  I make it fun.

I offer knowledgable, enthusiastic service & apply it to your particular circumstances, preferences, and needs.

I’m passionate about what I do.  I know travel inside & out.  I’m literally tested on it every year.  I am eager to share my love of traveling with my clients & friends.

I book resorts, I book dining, I book special tours and experiences, I answer all questions, I give detailed advice and customized plans, I problem solve, I am IT support, I plan itineraries, I set up airport transportation, I prioritize celebrations, and so much more!  I am happy to be as hands-on (or hands-off) with your planning process as you want me to be.

Best yet?  There’s no cost to you to utilize my services.  I am paid a commission by the supplier on the trips I book, so you don’t pay anything extra.

You have one contact (me!) who gets to know you, is responsive to your requests & questions, and has a vested interest in making sure you have a magical trip.

Looking to travel somewhere other than Disney, Universal, or Sandals? I’ve got you covered! Reach out to me to at mytravelagentgracie@gmail.com to learn more about all of the places I can help you travel.

So the real question is:  Why not me?


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