Sunshine Flyer: An Honest Review

Sunshine Flyer has been taking guests from MCO to their Disney World Resort for one year now! 

I was hosted for my trip, but all opinions and advice are a true reflection of my experiences.

Since the close of Disney’s Magical Express (RIP) in January 2022, several options have taken its place. I’ve tried different airport transportation options to see which was the best replacement. Sunshine Flyer has quickly become my favorite option. 

You can find Sunshine Flyer in Terminal B on Level 1 at the opposite side of where the Magical Express used to be located and Mears Connect currently is.  You can now find them inside at the counters near where they previously were located outside. 

My favorite parts of Sunshine Flyer:

-Inexpensive and often run promos

-Easy check-in process

-Quick loading and departing 

-Friendly workers

-Clean and comfortable buses (the train theme is a fun plus) 

Once checked in, I’ve never waited more than 5 minutes to load a bus and with limited stops, I’m at my resort within 25-45 minutes. 

An important thing to note: If you are arriving/departing prior to 7 AM or after 11 PM, they will not be able to pick you up. I ran into this issue on my most recent trip when my flight was delayed past midnight. 

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