Top 15 TV Show Recommendations

Below are my top 15 tv show recommendations. As I mentioned last week I have a wide variety of taste, and this week’s list reflects that. You can typically find me rewatching a series I’ve already watched. I saw the below quote last week that totally summed up my watching habits.  Below are my topContinue reading “Top 15 TV Show Recommendations”

Top 6 Favorite Snacks & Drinks 🍽

Everybody loves a good snack, am I right? As someone who is allergic or intolerant to most of the yummy foods, it’s hard to find truly yummy and healthy snacks. Today, I want to share some of my favorite snacks and drinks that I always have on hand.  🍽 RX Bar – These are full ofContinue reading “Top 6 Favorite Snacks & Drinks 🍽”